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Angel Work

        After many years of working with precious metals and fine gemstones and as a result of studying spiritual and energy healing, Donald is excited to announce his new line of Angel Work Jewelry.  The intention of this work is to combine the beauty of jewelry with healing energy of gemstones for the "emprettyment"* and well being of the wearer.

 Each creation becomes an amulet imbued with the combined energy of the carefully selected gemstones and the precious metals.  One or more stylized angel figures are pierced into each custom piece to grace the wearer with its unique and special energy.

 The centerpiece of this new line is the "Journey Angel Pendant", inspired by the work of Liz Walker and Gloria White Hammond with the women of Darfur and the Sudan.  Each of these custom made pieces is designed to enhance areas of the wearer's chakra system.  A percentage of their selling price is donated by Donald to "Liz Walker Journey Productions" to help complete the documentary "A Glory From The God" which chronicles the journey of Gloria White Hammond and her efforts to assist the women of the Sudan. So everyone wins.  Donald's work gets out into the world, the documentary gets completed, and the awareness of the situation in the Sudan gets disseminated to a larger group of people.  To learn more about this  important work, please visit the web site at www.lizwalkerjourneyproductions.org.

The Journey Angel pendants are available in the catalogue, or contact Donald on the "Contact" page for a pendant specifically designed to strengthen your chakra system.

*emprettyment - being made more beautiful by Donald